Lose Fat After 50

Although I have written some posts after performing my morning exercise routine it is not my intention to be just a review blog!  Losing fat after 50 was my main purpose and writing this was to document all that I have done, all that I will do and what I want to do to make sure that the fat does not creep back on.

Some may say that leading a sedentary working lifestyle is not beneficial to keeping fit and healthy and I admit that sitting at a computer for 8 + hours a day is not the way our bodies were designed.  But I have been learning and I am still learning on a day to day basis and as I learn how to maintain my weight and improve on my fitness I will write about it here.

For further details on any DVDs or exercise machinery that I have used or am using I have the specific page “Fitness DVDs and Equipment” where I intend to give a more detailed review for anyone that is interested.


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