Fitness DVDs and Equipment

I always try to perform some form of exercise first thing in the morning before going to work as I find it gives me the boost needed to face the day ahead.

For those of you that remember back to the start of satellite TV and the early morning exercise routines (yes I am that old) I regularly recorded (on video) a certain morning aerobic workout routine as it came on after I had gone to work.  It was based on the beaches of Hawaii and I loved the routines.  The videos have long gone the way of the old video recorders but I still remember them fondly.

However apart from these aerobic routines I have also enjoyed:

  • Yoga
  • Yogalates (mix of yoga/pilates)
  • Aerobics Oz Style
  • Pilates
  • Belly dancing
  • Salsa dancing
  • Step
  • Boxercise
  • Body Blade
  • Tai Chi
  • Dance
  • Wii Fit & Wii Fit Plus
    • Your Shape
    • Abba You Can Dance
    • Exerbeat
    • The Biggest Loser

Here are my reviews:

The Complete Elements of Yoga with Tara Lee

Tara Lee Elements of YogaMy favourite yoga DVD in which Tara Lee focuses on the elements of Earth, Air & Water and Fire.  These are divided into three 20 minute sequences which can be played on their own or one after another.  You have the beginner’s sequence where you learn the basics and when you feel ready you can progress to the Intermediate and Advanced.  After each session you use the cool down relaxation 10 minute sequence where you just relax totally.

The Earth element I find the best for grounding and relaxing and this helps to build strength and stability in your body, mind and spirit.

The Air & Water element are my second favourite and designed to be the next level where you are creating space and freedom in your body and mind.

Fire, for me is the most difficult, as this focuses on strength and stamina in the body.  Perhaps this is an area that I need to work on more!

You can purchase the elements individually but if you purchase the complete Three Disc Set you get the Bonus features of 10 minute balancing series, 10 minute core workout, 10 minute breathing exercises and 5 minute relaxation.

I definitely feel good after working out with Tara and her voice is soothing and relaxing too.

7 Secrets of Yoga – Barbara Currie

This DVD I bought initially because it has some 10 minute workouts on it which 7 Secrets of YogaI sometimes need when my schedule is very busy.  I thought that 10 minutes was better than no minutes!

There are eight 10 minute sections ranging from beginners to advanced and also a section on power shaping for specific parts of your body.

However they really are a lot more advanced than I am at the moment so I’m having to stick to the beginners until my body allows me to progress.

Barbara Currie is proof that it is not just the young and agile that can be flexible and fit.  I applaud her and if I can get half as fit as she is then I will be very happy indeed.

Aerobics Oz Style by The Spirit of YogaAerobics Oz Style

June Jones leads you through a range of workouts which are both physical and spiritual.

Not only are you developing strength and flexibility but it is calming too.

Along with June there are four members of her team.  There is always one member showing you the poses from a beginners point of view so that everyone can join in.

So whatever stage you are at – beginner, intermediate or advanced – there is always something that will suit you.

Belly Dance School:  Beginners Class with Cara

Fun belly dancing DVD.  You learn the moves, the choreography and have a Belly Dance Schoolwarm up and a cool down.

There are customised sections so that you can choose what you want to do.

  • Hip movements
  • Upper body movements
  • Summarise
  • Choreography
  • Summarise and choreography

Timing of these segments range from 20 minutes to 36 minutes.


Pilates Performer

Pilates PerformerMy Pilates Performer is a bit old now and the later models have cardio re-bounders and several different attachments that you can use in conjunction with the Pilates machine.

For those that are not familiar with these machines the Pilates machines are designed to work all of the body using resistance levels by means of the bungee cords.  some have three cords the above has four.  All the exercises are worked with protecting your back as a main priority and building on your core strength.

There are DVDs available in beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The machine consists of a head rest, a foot bar, shoulder pads, hand grips and adjustable ropes and it folds for easy storage.

Zen Tai Chi Series

The Zen Tai Chi Series by Zen Chestnuts Media Productions is a very simple Zen Tai Chibut relaxing introduction into Tai Chi.  This particular version is the Zen Morning Sunrise Form 1 and includes a gentle warm up routine of 16 minutes, the Tai Chi routine which is 12 minutes and a special Qi Gong energy routine which is 20 minutes.

When I am in a rush I just do the 12 Tai Chi routine in which you follow along with the instructor.  It is so relaxing and once you know the movements you can just close your eyes and follow his instructions.

Beginner Tai ChiIt is a wonderful relaxing routine and although I am experienced in Tai Chi 24 Form I still go to this routine to quickly bring me to balance .