Your Brain Needs Exercising Too

This morning I locked myself out of my house for the second time in as many months!  This lead me to investigate the mechanics of the brain a little further and whether in fact the brain needs exercising too.

Research shows that daily exercise of the brain is necessary to keep your brain function in tip top condition as well as physical exercise for the body is good at keeping the body in good condition.

Now this is not as hard as it sounds.  Exercises for the brain include keeping your mind busy on activities such as crosswords, jigsaws, word-search, reading, writing, board games to actually going to adult education classes.

Even the good old online games that you play with friends such as word games or memory games are excellent.

Anything that makes you think!  Anything that will keep you interested in life!  Anything that keeps you learning!

So the old adage about use it or lose it I guess is true after all.

From my point of view I believe that sometimes I use my brain just a little bit too much (hence locking myself out while my mind was thinking over the work for the day ahead) but I have always had a desire to learn and I have always had a low boredom threshold and needed to “do” something.  Watching TV was never something that I could just sit and do.  I needed to do something while sitting watching TV.

My favourite games are those that you have to remember where things are and are time driven, along with writing in the form of blogs and suchlike.  I have gone from learning one thing after another (not necessarily to an expert degree) and my mind is always somewhere else thinking about what to do next.

Guess my brain gets its daily exercise after all!

One Year On and Fighting Fit

My hospital check up appointment has come and gone and I have been given the all clear.  Over one year later I am fighting fit.  In fact the actual word the Consultant used was ‘perfect’.

Add to that I am now on the annual check up list instead of six monthly and I am dancing round the room with joy!

Which brings me to my next subject – dancing.

In the UK we are in the midst of the Strictly Come Dancing season and as well as being fun to watch it certainly makes you want to get up and dance around with them.

I have some dancing DVDs so I really must get them out and let you know what I think.

But meanwhile I will wish you all a lovely weekend and I will certainly be celebrating being so much fitter now than I was a year ago.

How To Lose Weight After A Hysterectomy

If you have read my About Me page you will know a little about my background but if you haven’t then it was after the sudden and unexpected need for a laparoscopy hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in June 2016 that I realised the importance on finding out how to lose weight after a hysterectomy.

Everything had happened so fast and on researching cancer cells afterwards I discovered that not only do they love sugar but that fat cells in the abdomen can fuel the spread of ovarian cancer by providing nutrients for rapid growth.

I was approximately 30 pounds overweight

Fat Cells

That is 30 pounds of fat sitting mainly around my belly.  I just couldn’t take the risk any longer!  My operation had been successful but I had to take charge of my own health in any way I could.

Being fat was not healthy

No matter how delicious were the doughnuts!




Walking the Dog

Exercise in any form is better than no exercise and that includes walking the dog.

When I have those days when my workload is too heavy to fit in a workout exercise routine then I console myself with the knowledge that my twice daily walks with my dog will suffice.

Don’t get me wrong there are many different types of walks.  Do you have a chilled out/go for a stroll type of dog or do you have a dynamo on four legs?

I have a trotter!

My medium sized dog loves to trot.  He can’t walk, he just trots (he would canter if I could keep up with him).  I did wonder once if I should take up jogging just so he could really enjoy his “walks” but I’m not too sure if my old knees would cope with the continual stress on them!

So my walks are very brisk and a workout in themselves and if, like me, you aren’t able to go to the gym or follow your favourite exercise routine then go for a nice fast walk with your dog (or borrow one).

Lose Fat After 50

Although I have written some posts after performing my morning exercise routine it is not my intention to be just a review blog!  Losing fat after 50 was my main purpose and writing this was to document all that I have done, all that I will do and what I want to do to make sure that the fat does not creep back on.

Some may say that leading a sedentary working lifestyle is not beneficial to keeping fit and healthy and I admit that sitting at a computer for 8 + hours a day is not the way our bodies were designed.  But I have been learning and I am still learning on a day to day basis and as I learn how to maintain my weight and improve on my fitness I will write about it here.

For further details on any DVDs or exercise machinery that I have used or am using I have the specific page “Fitness DVDs and Equipment” where I intend to give a more detailed review for anyone that is interested.


Belly Dancing with Cara

Today was my belly dancing day.   Belly Dancing School with Cara consists of a warm up, the option to customise your workout and much more.Belly Dance School

I, personally, go to the section to Just Learn Summarise which is a 20 minute class which includes a warm up, the moves and instructions on their own, then the moves and instructions including music and then the moves and music, finishing with a cool down with Cara at her favourite outside place.

I haven’t tried any of the other sections as I generally like to fit this in quickly before going to work.  Great fun though and I can wiggle my hips with the best of them now!

Here is the Main MenuBelly Dancing







Here is the Customisation Menu


Pilates Performer Exercise Machine

I bought a Pilates Performer machine many years ago and this has travelled Pilates Performerwith me to my move to Spain and back and is still going strong.  Now mine might not be the most up to date Pilates machine but it works for me.

I was introduced to these machines when I saw one on a well-known shopping channel and they stressed the fact that while you exercise you are protecting your back at all times.  As I have C4 disk degeneration I like to protect my upper back and neck as much as possible.

I find the exercises on the DVD are easy to work along with and apart from not lifting my head off the headrest during the abdominal exercises (to protect my dodgy neck) I do them all as stated without any problems at all.

For those that have never seen a Pilates machine you have four bungee cords and depending on which exercise you are doing you can have either one, two, three or four cords in use.  The bench slides back and forth along the tracks and there is a bar at one end and headrest at the other.  The two cords with the handles on are used when doing arm or leg exercises.  The machine also folds in two when not in use and stands upright to take up less room.

Overall this is an integral part of my exercise routine as it is working out using resistance.

7 Secrets of Yoga

7 Secrets of YogaToday I was short of time and needed a quick yoga fix.  In these instances I always reach for Barbara Currie’s 7 Secrets of Yoga.  The 10 minute routine is brilliant when I can’t fit in a full blown yoga session.

There are several 10 minute sessions to choose from including an advanced routine however unfortunately at the moment I’m still on the beginner as I’m not flexible enough for advanced.

I always feel so much calmer after yoga and if Barbara Currie can do it then so can I.

Aerobics Oz Style

Here is my Aerobics Oz Style DVD which I have had for years.  I tend to get Aerobics Oz Stylestuck in a rut and when I find something I enjoy I do the same old routine over and over again.  The Spirit of Yoga’s DVD I had put to one side as it was a routine I worked out to when I was a bit younger and fitter!  But today I thought I would give it a go again.  I didn’t have a lot of time this morning as work is very busy but as this is split into different segments each only taking up a short amount of time I opted for the standing and stretching poses today.

Wow I forgot how good it feels!  Will definitely be working out to this again.