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Hi everyone and thank you for visiting my page.About Me

This is a photo of me now in 2017 and if you have looked at the photo that led me to search for health and fitness you will see quite a difference!  But that is jumping ahead of my story.  So I’ll begin at the beginning and the beginning in this case is 2012.

Towards the end of that year my husband retired and although I still have to work full time I was given the opportunity to work remotely from home – wherever home may be.  In this case we wanted home to be in Spain – a country we had always loved and always dreamed of retiring to.  So after living in the same house from new in the UK (for over 25 years) we put it on the market, sold it within 2 days and were on our way to Spain within 8 weeks.

I won’t say it was easy as we have 4 children, 14 grandchildren and an elderly mother and uprooting yourself from friends, family and everything you have ever known, at an age when you should be relaxing and enjoying your life, was difficult.  If anyone is interested I do have a blog https://livinginmallorca.wordpress.com/ in which I blogged regularly highlighting all the good, the bad and the ugly of relocating to another country.

Anyway the photo that you see that shocked me was taken in 2013 during the winter months while I was walking my dog on the beach.  I couldn’t believe how fat I looked!  But still I ignored it, I told myself it was just the thick jumper and the wrong camera angle.  Amazing how well we can lie to ourselves.

If we now fast forward another year to winter 2014 the circumstances had changed and an eye operation meant dealing with the health service in a language that I was still learning and with a system I was not used to.  I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

By the summer of 2015 I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to return to the UK – as quickly as possible – I just couldn’t pinpoint why but deciding that instincts should be acted upon we put our Spanish home on the market and began the return relocation.  Once again we were lucky to sell our house and by the middle of June 2015 we were on our way back home.

A quick fast forward again to May 2016 and we had bought a house and settled down in our new location in the UK.  A chance visit to register with a new doctors surgery resulted in  my fast track into hospital for a biopsy where it was found that I needed to have a full hysterectomy by keyhole surgery and I was rather stunned as I sat back recovering and wondering what on earth had just happened!

Prior to going to Spain I had undertaken all the routine exams that we have here for women and everything was fine so I was left wondering what had changed in that short time.

I used to be a smoker but I stopped that when I needed to have the eye operation in Spain.  There was no way I was going into an operation while being a smoker.  So with determination and the help of a good book and self-hypnosis tape I stopped smoking and gave up a 40+ year habit.

I also realised that while walking my dog any slight incline resulted in me puffing a bit.  It was time to face facts – get fit not fat!

Another year later we are in 2017 and I have reached my target weight.  If I can do it so can you.

I wish you well on your journey to being the person that you want to be and if you have any questions please feel free to email me or leave comments.

Best wishes


Email: marion@losefatafter50.com