One Year On and Fighting Fit

My hospital check up appointment has come and gone and I have been given the all clear.  Over one year later I am fighting fit.  In fact the actual word the Consultant used was ‘perfect’.

Add to that I am now on the annual check up list instead of six monthly and I am dancing round the room with joy!

Which brings me to my next subject – dancing.

In the UK we are in the midst of the Strictly Come Dancing season and as well as being fun to watch it certainly makes you want to get up and dance around with them.

I have some dancing DVDs so I really must get them out and let you know what I think.

But meanwhile I will wish you all a lovely weekend and I will certainly be celebrating being so much fitter now than I was a year ago.

How To Lose Weight After A Hysterectomy

If you have read my About Me page you will know a little about my background but if you haven’t then it was after the sudden and unexpected need for a laparoscopy hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy in June 2016 that I realised the importance on finding out how to lose weight after a hysterectomy.

Everything had happened so fast and on researching cancer cells afterwards I discovered that not only do they love sugar but that fat cells in the abdomen can fuel the spread of ovarian cancer by providing nutrients for rapid growth.

I was approximately 30 pounds overweight

Fat Cells

That is 30 pounds of fat sitting mainly around my belly.  I just couldn’t take the risk any longer!  My operation had been successful but I had to take charge of my own health in any way I could.

Being fat was not healthy

No matter how delicious were the doughnuts!




Walking the Dog

Exercise in any form is better than no exercise and that includes walking the dog.

When I have those days when my workload is too heavy to fit in a workout exercise routine then I console myself with the knowledge that my twice daily walks with my dog will suffice.

Don’t get me wrong there are many different types of walks.  Do you have a chilled out/go for a stroll type of dog or do you have a dynamo on four legs?

I have a trotter!

My medium sized dog loves to trot.  He can’t walk, he just trots (he would canter if I could keep up with him).  I did wonder once if I should take up jogging just so he could really enjoy his “walks” but I’m not too sure if my old knees would cope with the continual stress on them!

So my walks are very brisk and a workout in themselves and if, like me, you aren’t able to go to the gym or follow your favourite exercise routine then go for a nice fast walk with your dog (or borrow one).